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Antioxidant Snack Bars

Do you want to enjoy healthy snacking wherever you are? Jeca Bar specializes in providing delicious, healthy options for on-the-go snacking with our antioxidant snack bars. Each bar is bursting with unique flavors and a blend of balanced nutrients. Buy our antioxidant bars today to see what all the buzz is about.

Guilt-Free Snacking Whenever You Want It

Our bars are easy to travel with, easy to open, and easy to eat — without a mess. We wanted to create a travel snack that trumps all travel snacks. But convenience is only part of the allure. We also wanted to create a snack that everyone can enjoy, no matter your dietary restrictions or weight goals.

Each of our bars is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Plus, we don’t use any refined sugar or oils in the production process. We use healthy and natural ingredients to give you a snack that will make you feel good. Below, you can learn about each of our three flavors. Our Coconut & Curry, Almond & Dates, and Matcha & Seeds bars are perfect for anyone who wants punchy, delicious flavors.

The Mission and Goal of Jeca Bar

Ree Dolnick founded Jeca Bar in 2015 with a goal in mind: deliver great taste and truly healthy snacks for a price that you’ll love. Our artisanal bars are specifically designed to accomplish that goal for each of our customers. From healthy fats to high amounts of fiber, from hearty proteins to fun flavors, you will love our Jeca antioxidant snacks.

Click the links below to learn more about each specific bar and to make your purchase.

Coconut and curry artisan nutrition bars


Satisfyingly rich, coconutty and complex. We’ve used all-natural plant-based superfoods plus turmeric for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to give you a food experience like you’ve never been on.


Our most popular bar is made with superfoods for everyday nutrition and is filled with sweet and crunchy flavors. Complete with protein, carbs and only the healthy fats, this nuttily-delicious bar is perfect for when you need a wholesome on the go snack!


Tasty AND healthy! Matcha adds a clean and natural antioxidant, which is great for boosting metabolism. Our yummy seeds are high in fibre, healthy fats and all the minerals your body needs. After workout snack -- check ✓.

when you are on the go

It offers nutritionally dense satisfaction for people wanting to make healthier food choices.

  • - Easy to open packaging
  • - A texture that doesn't crumble or mess up your car
  • - A size that easily fits in your pocket or purse

At Jeca Bar, we believe in
holistic nutrition.

It comes down to choosing whole foods,
avoiding artificial ingredients, and enjoying
everything in moderation,
including indulgences.

I created JECA bars because everyone deserves something delicious, exciting, and truly healthy.

-Ree Dolnick, Founder



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